The 2nd international beer festival Morelia 2012 will take place in the Convention center of this beautiful city of the south of Mexico.Morelia’s love for beer has been growing in the last years, and each year more and more new breweries come up, actually are around 300 little breweries just in Morelia.

The first edition of this festival took place in April 21th and 22 in the same place.This was the advertising:

This time above the beer,the tastes, and the food they will also have one special guest: Uruguay.


This 2nd edition of the event would be the 14th and 15th of july starting  at 10 am and ending at 11:45 pm (15th july).

They will have conferencess, courses of how to do your own beer, how to taste it well, etc. You’ll find many of the breweries of Morelia and some of other states of Mexico. The entrance is free, they just charge you for the glass of the event (or you can either take yours). The tastes cost around 10-25 pesos each, but also you can buy the entire beer if you want.